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 Leita Crossfield



Leita is an award-winning writer and poet, currently laboring on the novel Loving Ophelia, a project she reads for astute critique at her local writers group. She also writes by the name Ann London, in honor of her Jewish grandmother, Annette, who died long before she was born, and her great grandmother, Helen Louden, who drove a Ford Mustang into her eighties and lived to be ninety six. In 2012, the poet Marge Piercy selected Leita to participate with eleven other poets at a juried poetry workshop in Wellfleet, Mass. Leita is reworking poems from that workshop for publication, while also honing her portfolio to submit with her application to MFA programs in Creative Writing.

Since 1991, Leita has owned several businesses, the first, which commenced in Seattle as a communications firm with an office at the historic terminal building at Boeing Field. Among other jobs, Leita has worked as a reporter, a high-tech marketing director, and as a manager at Nordstrom‑before serving briefly in the US Air Force, where bland green was the new black, and she had to downplay her glamor tendencies. Leita also studied method acting for five years, which helped her to overcome her shyness, and prompted her to learn the art of laughing her guts out at improvisational skits. She once got to fly in a P-51 Mustang, travelling at 300 mph over the Mohave Desert, where she asked the pilot to perform every aerobatic move on the list.

At the moment, Leita lives with her 17-year-old son, three dogs, and ten hens and two ducks on two acres with a creek, a large bridge and lots of trees. Crossfield is the contract office manager for a counseling agency, which helps veterans with PTSD.





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